Proven agility on a daily basis

We are experiencing an economic standstill on an unprecedented scale. In just a few weeks, our environment has changed drastically, and numerous companies have experienced massive cutbacks. In recent years, much has been written and lectured about agility. Today, the agility of our SMEs is put to the test every day. With the one goal of survival, companies are developing innovative interim solutions, constantly learning as they are implemented and making continuous improvements. When products become scarce or threaten to run out, new supply chains must be found in the shortest possible time.

But what about quality in a crisis-ridden economy? We are in an intensive phase of learning and adaptation, in which quality stands primarily for effective business continuity management. It is all about ensuring the company's continued existence and the continuation of its activities: continuous risk management. The aim is to develop innovative solutions while guaranteeing the quality of products or services; to ensure the safety of employees, customers and suppliers - in accordance with the measures adopted by the Federal Council. And last but not least, the coaching and support of managers in this exceptional situation.

Finally, it is necessary to prepare for the gradual return to normality, while integrating the new requirements imposed by COVID-19 into the organisation: Implementation of measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers, questioning traditional procedures, adapting processes, identifying critical processes, re-launching the continuous improvement process. The relaxation of restrictions should not lead to fatigue but should be integrated into the organisation. Agility is not a toggle switch, it is part of the daily fitness programme.

The SAQ subsidiary ARIAQ has developed a health protocol in collaboration with doctors to help companies implement the necessary protective measures. A certificate of compliance with health regulations can be issued. More information can be found at .

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