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The personnel certificate “Certified Board Member SAQ" shows the personal competencies and knowledge required for qualified participation in a Board of Directors. In addition, recertification confirms the ongoing continuing education and professional experience required to ensure that certificate holders meet the steadily increasing and changing demands placed on their professional profile. The learning topics form the basis of the competences and were developed together with AKAD Business.

The certification “Certified Board Member SAQ" is aimed at board members or persons who have already assumed the role of a mandate in an administrative board.

All relevant information can be found in the certification programme.

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Admission requirements

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Persons of legal age, working in Switzerland and who have a role/function as a member of a Board of Directors are permitted to be certified as “Certified Board Member SAQ". In addition, a training degree (course, CAS, Master, etc.) for the board of directors must be presented, which:
• is not older than 24 months when submitting the application
• covers at least 80% of the learning topics
• has reviewed the technical and methodological competencies in a qualification process


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Proof of recertification must be provided by the time the certificate expires at the latest. The proof relates to the components "work experience" and "further education". The certificate holders demonstrate to SAQ that they have maintained their specialist knowledge and practical expertise in the field of Board of Directors activities during the previous certification period. All further details are described in the certification programme.

The recertification measures recognised by SAQ are listed in the overview "recognised recertification measures". Recognition of new training courses can be requested at SAQ by e-mail. SAQ section events can be attended at the SAQ member price. When registering, "SAQ certificate BoD" must be noted under remarks.

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